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MurriMatters continues to successfully support organisational improvement by transforming the pivotal relationships that underpin all successful strategic action. Our clients rely on us to help them shape collaborative environments by creating strong, authentic and deeply connected relationships which soon become the very foundation and fabric of their workplace cultures.

MurriMatters has expansive experience in working within Government (Commonwealth and State/Territory) Not-for-Profit, NGO’s and the Education Sector. We continue to work with Executive Teams, middle-management and the whole of organisation to provide key professional learning opportunities that make all individuals become:

Better people
Better leaders
Better advocates for cultural awareness and social justice
Better agents of change

We do this by supporting all participants as they begin to expand their individual thinking and knowledge about the impact of collective understanding and relational trust.

The ongoing requests and feedback from our clients has seen MurriMatters expand our services to create an end-to-end approach which consists of developing an improvement package that can be delivered through the following FOUR work streams:

ONE Influencing Strategy
TWO Transforming Relationships
THREE Shifting Organisational Cultures
FOUR Specialised Programs

ONE: Influencing Strategy

Today’s society faces ongoing unsurety and unprecedented complex challenges. To create workable and sustainable solutions,  organisational leaders continue to work closely with their colleagues to develop and drive strategies that maximises their impact and influence within their given context. MurriMatters has expanded its delivery model to assist in the development and measurement of key strategic documentation such as:

  • Strategic Plans – both annual and multi-year action plans
  • Operational Plans
  • Reconciliation Plans
  • Indigenous Employment Plans

Our ongoing successes have been built on our willingness and desire to work closely with the key drivers in this creation phase by undertaking a rigorous, yet supporting engagement process which everyone is provided with the opportunity to share their voice about where they are and where they want to be. This provides enormous clarity in the form of context-specific evidence-based feedback which provides the platform for informed decision-making and direction-setting processes.

Achieving organisational change requires solid strategic framework to embed the inspirational, and aspirational directions in, as well as strong, positive and robust cultures that enrol and support curiosity and connectedness. And in an intercultural space there are a few key things at play.

From MurriMatters viewpoint, strategic planning is relatively simple compared to the co-creation and maintenance of strong robust cultures.

All organisations have rules and regulations to operate under, that’s a given, yet the way in which people work together within these rules and regulations are fundamental to the productivity, well-being, and success of the organisation. Organisations are often radicalised and politicised spaces which can often blurs, and at times constrain meaningful conversations.

TWO: Transforming Relationships

MurriMatters is specific in its approach by targeting the indelible connection between people and process. In times of continual pivoting and change organisational leaders are heavily reliant on the capacity of their staff to be adaptive and receptive to continuous improvement.

MurriMatters supports this process by creating spaces that:

  • Support authentic connection
  • Supports presence and active listening
  • Supports rigour in conversations prior and post vital decision-making and direction setting processes

All of these processes are supported through our key Engoori Professional Learning Workshops and/or our Specialised Programs.

Three: Shifting Cultural Organisations

We aim to improve cultural understanding by resetting relationships and ways of communicating. It is a strengths-based, conversational process for dealing with complex intercultural challenges. This is about understanding how we want to be together. From here, people are better placed to discuss the actual challenges, framing the problem and understand the assumptions driving that attitude. Critical to MurriMatters’ approach is to start from a position that identifies and builds on the existing strengths of participants. We also require participants to learn how to be self-reflective of their own behaviours and practices and to actively challenge themselves and shift their behaviour and assumptions if required. 

Four: Specialised Programs

MurriMatters continues to provide specialised services in FOUR distinct areas:

  • Deficit Discourse Workshops
  • Continuous Improvement Implementation and Embedding Plans
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Bespoke Key Note Speaking Engagements and Facilitation Services including high-level stakeholder engagement and mediation

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