MurriMatters Consulting produces consultancy reports and actively engages with research to constantly improve its services.

Outputs include:

Gorringe, S. & D. Spillman 2013: ‘“How are we together?” Focusing “cultural work” in Indigenous education on practices and capabilities of “good relating” through strengths-based conversations and approaches.’ Presentation to the National Indigenous Education Conference, Sydney.

Gorringe, S. 2013 ‘More than 40,000 years’ experience in sustainable management.’ Presentation at the Lake Eyre Basin: Under the spotlight Conference, Longreach, Queensland.

Fforde, C., Bamblett, L., Lovett, R., Gorringe S. & W. Fogarty 2013: Discourse, deficit and identity: Aboriginality, the race paradigm and the language of representation in contemporary Australia Media International Australia 149:162-173.

Gorringe, S. 2012: ‘See Me in a Different Way’. Presentation at the National Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) Conference, Canberra.

Gorringe, S. 2011: ‘Changing the Conversation – from one of Deficit to one of Strength.’ Paper presented at AIATSIS National Indigenous Studies Conference, Canberra.

Gorringe, S. 2011: Facilitator of ‘Indigenous Men’s Talking Circle: Social and Emotional Wellbeing’ at AIATSIS Native Title Conference, Brisbane.

Gorringe, S. 2011: Facilitation and planning of second AIATSIS Change the Conversation workshop, Canberra.

Gorringe, S. 2011: Facilitator of ‘Indigenous Talking Circle: Speaking from Strength’ at AIATSIS Native Title Conference, Canberra.

Gorringe, S. & D. Spillman 2011: ‘Engoori. A strength based approach to complex intercultural challenges’. DVD produced by MurriMatters Pty Ltd. Duration: 26 minutes. 

Gorringe, S. Ross, J. & C. Fforde 2011: ‘“Will the real Aborigine please stand up”: strategies for breaking the stereotypes and changing the conversation’. AIATSIS Discussion Paper No.28. Canberra: AIATSIS.

Gorringe, S. & Spillman, D. 2011: ‘Developing a parent, carer, school partnership agreement framework.’ Unpublished report for the Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations, Queensland.

Gorringe, S. 2010: ‘Honouring our Strengths – Moving Forward’. Keynote Paper from the 2010 Annual Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia (SPERA) Conference, published in Education in Rural Australia, Vol. 21(1) 2011.

Gorringe, S. 2010: ‘See Me in a Different Way’. Paper presented at Central Queensland Department of Regional Innovation Conference, Yepoon.

Gorringe, S. 2009: Facilitation and planning of first AIATSIS Change the Conversation workshop, Ipswich.

Gorringe, S. & D. Spillman 2008: ‘Creating Stronger Smarter Learning Communities: The role of Culturally Competent Leadership. Paper presented at the World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education, Melbourne, Australia 2008

Gorringe, S. 2008: ‘Creating an Indigenous Family Support Service.’ RAI Project West Moreton Qld. Unpublished report for Department of Communities.

Gorringe, S. 2007: ‘Ipswich and Gold Coast Community Brokers Project’. Unpublished report for Indigenous Coordination Centres.

Gorringe, S. 2006. ‘A Perspective of Western Cultural Influences on Indigenous Australian Leadership Styles’. Unpublished Masters Thesis, Rural Systems Management, University of Queensland.

Allison, J., Gorringe, S. & J. Lacey 2006: ‘Building learning communities; Partnerships, social capital and VET performance.’ Report for National Centre for Vocational Education Research.

Keith, K., Ross, H. &  S. Gorringe 2006: ‘Regional partnership agreements on prioritised investment strategies for the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality.’ Final Report for SE03 – Social Research, Development and Extension. 

Gorringe, S. 2005: ‘Currents of Culture’. Paper presented at the World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2005.


Deficit Discourse

In the news:

Gorringe, S. Aboriginal Culture is not a problem, the way we talk about it is. Guardian Australia 15 May 2015 

Gorringe, S. Our Challenge is to work with the difference, not disengage from it. National Indigenous Times 22 Oct 2014
NIT 10/2014 – Page 1 (PDF)
NIT 10/2014 – Page 2 (PDF)

Gorringe, S. Time is now to come together for the Common Good. National Indigenous Times 24 Sept 2014.
NIT 9/2014 (PDF)


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Leadership & Organisational Culture

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